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Visual survey of the Anatomy Trains system of lines

Ida Rolf says that viewing is scanning from a distance. Understanding the body’s skeletal connections is the first step in discovering movement and postural patterns that cause pain and dysfunction by hindering optimal movement. We’d like to show you a new strategy to improve your postural and movement testing skills!

101: On day one, we will explore relational anatomy. We will use special simple exercises and illustrative examples to help you develop spatial vision and tactile skills to identify skeletal patterns and interactions in the body.

Introduction to the language of body reading (shift, tilt, bend, rotation), accurate description of body geometry

  • Palpation of bones and description of their spatial position
  • How do postural patterns behave during movement?

102: On the second day, we will relate the patterns to the Anatomy Trains lines. Rolf often said that “the problem is not where you think it is”.
Our topics:

  • What is tensegrity?
  • How can Anatomy Trains lines maintain a posture pattern?
  • Concentric and eccentric loads, forces that shape the body
  • How are forces distributed through the body during movement: where are the normal, non-moving and over-moving sections?
  • How can a local constraint cause an extended range effect? The source of trouble can be very far from the site of pain!
  • Documenting test results, strategising

You can use what you learn in the course immediately in your work. This knowledge will be a tool in your hands to take manual and movement therapy to a higher level in your practice. By reading the patient’s body, you will be able to more easily determine the goals to be achieved, the sequence of treatment and the areas to target.

This course is a great preparation and complement to the AT Structure and Function workshop, recommended for all movement practitioners!

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