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Anatomy trains workshops


We welcome you to our original Anatomy Trains courses


Anatomy trains


ATSF - Anatomy Trains Structure and Function

An introductory course to the Anatomy Trains method.


Reading structural dysfunctions on the body in Anatomy Trains.

Anatomy Trains in Motion

Experiencing AT lines through body-conscious movement exercises

Slings Essentials

For those who want a comprehensive understanding of fascia in movement.

Date: 19-21 April 2024
Leanne Hahn
Course fee: 570 GBP

Anatomy trains


Anatomy trains

Structural Essentials i. module

Structural Essentials // SE 1–2

Course duration: 6 day
Arches & Legs; Fans of the Hip

Structural Essentials // SE 3-4

Course duration: 5 day
Abdomen, Chest & Breath; Tensegrity Spine

Structural Essentials // SE 5-6

Course duration: 5 day
Shoulders & Arm; Head, Neck & Jaw

Date: 24-28 April 2024
Don Thompson
Course fee: 960 GBP

Anatomy trains

Structural Essentials iI. module

AT Structural Essentials II. module

Course duration: 10 day
Content: Summarises the theoretical and practical material of the 6+1 course

Date: 31 July – 11 August 2024
Don Thompson
Course fee: 2530 GBP

Anatomy trains

Structural Essentials III. module

AT Structural Essentials III. module

Course duration: 31 day
Content: teaches the 12 treatment model schema, indications and tactics
Completion: possible after Module II



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