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AT Structural essentials II. module

The SE series is followed by Structural Integration Module II, which summarises the theoretical and practical material of the ATSF and SE courses in 10 days. With this knowledge, students will acquire a 3 suitable interdependent treatment models, protocols, treatment algorithms and contraindications. The course is also an exam, their 3 treatments on a group repository and an external model will be assessed by a team of teachers, on whom the students will have to demonstrate some grips to check the accuracy of their touch. They can earn the internationally recognised Anatomy Trains Structural Bodyworker title.

Structural Bodywork Therapy- a hands-on treatment method that works to release tensions and twists in the body in an attempt to restore balance. Spiritual release can also occur during treatments, where a long-standing memory leaves a mark on the body in the form of a specific pain pattern, which can be treated in a targeted way to significantly reduce or even release the emotion and sensation associated with the memory. It is characterised by diagnosis, targeted treatment of musculoskeletal and myofascial abnormalities, with the aim of reducing pain, achieving effortless and harmonious movement, breathing and posture, and a conscious state of general well-being.

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