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AT Structural Essentials III. module

For the first time in Hungary, this 31-day module will teach the schema, indications and tactics of the 12 treatment models. It can be completed after Module II, after presenting 16 documented treatments and written essays. The course leads to an internationally recognised Structural Integrator qualification.

This is a structural integration training that will introduce students to the teachings of Ida Rolf and the innovations of Tom Myers, using the myofascial mapping system.The Structural Strategies protocol is a series of 12 deep body treatments that gradually work through the whole body, first on the surface, then in the deep areas, and finally by working the two layers together to create a unified harmony.

The Anatomy Trains school is dedicated to the art, science and practical application of bodywork. The course takes students through a wide range of touch and movement sensations so that patients gain ease, balance, height-life balance, body image and movement from their sessions. The treatments also have an effect on emotional release through the treatment of the body, and special emphasis is placed on understanding and accepting these.

Structural Integration Training is our flagship training, based on Tom’s 40 years of professional experience in diverse cultures and clinical practices. His studies, most notably with Ida Rolf, Dr Mose Feldenkrais, Buckminster Fuller, the European School of Osteopathy, movement training: continuum, contact dance, Aston-patterning.

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Drawing on a wide range of sources – art, evolution, embryology, anthropology, modern fascia research – Structural Integration, based on scientific innovations in tissue malleability, offers a wide scope for self-discovery and self-discovery for ourselves and our patients. It can be a professional life journey in which we can develop meaningful relationships with our chosen patients. Many people put this practical knowledge to good use in the fields of sport, movement arts, movement teaching – yoga and pilates or psychology, development and rehabilitation. Structural Integration also works well in these areas.
At Anatomy Trains, we pride ourselves on an open atmosphere of education where students are free to ask questions and exchange ideas with the instructor, regardless of treatment modality, and we respectfully accept all professional approaches.

We offer knowledge, we test your theoretical and practical knowledge. But we know that the process of deepening knowledge is individual for everyone, sometimes emotionally upsetting, so it takes a lot of humour and flexibility to ride the ups and downs. We offer old-world and new-world knowledge, personal attention and the modern electronic backdrop of the 21st century for learning.

To apply for Structural Integration, you must first complete the courses below:

Anatomy Trains Structure and Function (old AT I and II)
ATSI Module I – Structural Foundations (SE series 1-6, old FRSB courses)
ATSI II exam module (10 days)

After the last course, we suggest a break of a few months until you have gained practice and can complete 16 triple treatments, documented on the BodyReading test sheet and with photos, and write two essays in English.